Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hearts and Minds 10/8/2010

After watching the film Hearts and Minds many of the voices heard stood out to me but one in particular was when the soldiers started speaking as they were fighting and when asked they did not know why or for what they were fighting for they seemed to be brained washed another thing that stroked me was when the cheerleader was asked if she was affected by the war and she said sometime but she tries not to let it bother her. Also when the lieutenant who was speaking to the little kids at the school was very harsh on them he was telling them how they were eventually going to end up fighting in a war and that the Vietnamese people where horrible and that Vietnam is great minus the people living there Some of the choices the director made in the film would be like you would see a war scene and then right after a scene of a football team in Ohio getting ready to play another team I think Peter Davis did this in the film to show how some Americans weren’t really concerned with the war at all and where just trying to avoid it and keep on with their lives
I think that the images shown during the film do serve a purpose they are shown so that people in the united states could wake up and she what’s really going on because to see how horrible the people of Vietnam where treated and how horrible they were hurt  a lot of Americans and even the soldiers had no idea what the purpose or cause was for having the war in Vietnam In the first place I think these images should be shown to the public so maybe they could stop ignoring what was going on at the time